FForward Movement is an international, multicultural, interdisciplinary, multimedia collaboration of artists and activists, individuals and groups who work every day in our communities to create a better world.

Artists from Africa, Australia, Asia, Europe and the Americas are represented. Though we are different colors, cultures, creeds and religions, individually and collectively we express our common belief that Another World is Possible.

The completion of this project is the realization that by our action we advance the vision of the USSF from possibility to reality. Another World Is Here. This is only a beginning.

FForward Ever! Backward Never!!

Fforward Movement
Produced by Change :: The Music (www.changethemusic.net)

Project Coordinator – Julie “AJ Viola” Downey (www.ajviola.com)
Booklet & Web Designer – Christopher W. Land (www.landmine-design.com)
A&R Coordinator and Audio Mastering – J. Nadir Omowale (www.distortedsoul.com)

We ask for your donation of $10 towards the US Social Forum 2010. When you finalize the donation, you will be taken to the Download page. The 2-CD compilation is encoded in 192kb MP3 format. Additionally, you will be provided with links to view and download FFwdMvmt videos, and an online booklet containing visual art, poetry, essays and artist contact information.

Featured artists include:Adrienne Brown, Agents of Change, AJ Viola, Al Jagiello, Allie Moreno, Amp Fiddler, Bagwis, Big A, Chinonye Nsofor, Diskarte Namin, Dubasaurus, Erin Cramer and Zeke Williams, Fausto A. Lopez, Godisheus, Halima Cassels, Head-Roc, Heather L. G. Bella, Iayaalis, Invincible, Jhonathan F. Gómez, Jhuelz, Jim Perkinson, John Lyons, Just One, Kevin Valentine, Khary WAE Frazier, Kiko, Len Beste, Los Nadies, Mars, Mary Simmerling, Matthis Chiroux, Michele Crimi, Nadir, Nashville Session Players, Nezua, Nic Notion, Niko Marks, Olmeca, Paul J. Miles, Phillip Morris, Ramah Jihan, Sabrina Nelson, Sails of Whydah, Sim-One, Stephen Said, Steve Falconer, Taree, Tha Truth, The Pachamama Band, Tom Neilson, Treble Army, Urbanized Music, Vanessa Huang, Zeina C. Washington